Typical Gasplane Label


The markings found on the Gasplane vary between manufacturers. They are usually found on a paper label  with the exception of the Gasplanes made for the Tropical and Arctic environments where the markings are ink stamped directly on to the Gasplane.

Although the manufacturers details were of little interest to the individual who had been issued the Gasplane, the paper label had a practical purpose as it was the area where the Gasplane should be held when in use.

Although there is little standardisation with how the information was displayed, there are a number of common attributes and the example used here contains information that is usually seen.

The first line has the letters a g d which is the code used by the manufacturer Deutsche Linoleum-Werke A.G., Bieetigheim, Kr.Ludwigsburg.

The second line contains production information, the number 229 is perhaps a batch or run number which is followed by the year and month of manufacture, in this example May 1944.

Much of the third line is unknown so I will add what I think the numbers mean and update this article when new information or corrections become available. The number 80 is for the number of times the Gasplane has been folded. On some labels the 80 has the suffix “g” which may stand for gefalten or folded/pleated. (Thanks to SF Mike for this information).