Gas detection and decontamination manual


This manual published in January 1939 and has a chapter on the Gasplane.

The front cover states this manual is only for service use and is the Provisional Instruction for the handling of the gasplane and the gas detection and detoxifying agent for troops.

The chapter is further divided into two parts;

I. Description

The first bullet point states the two purposes of the Gasplane:

  • As protection from airborne liquid gases
  • As an underlay to protect from contaminated land.

It also mentions that the Gasplane must be carried in the field in addition to the Gas mask and be ready for use.

The second bullet point describes how the Gasplane is made of strong paper, that it is to be folded to the smallest size, that if it is stored in a warm place for a long time it will dry out but this can be reversed by leaving in the outside air, the Gasplane’s strength is lost when in water for long periods, it can only be used once but on exercises it can be reused until it can no longer be folded.

The third bullet point has the Gasplane size and weight dimensions

The fourth bullet point describes how the Gasplane is packed flat and stored in carrying bags and that the bags have two belt loops on the rear which are for attaching to the Gasmaskenbüchse carrying straps.

II. Handling

The fifth bullet point describes how the Gasplane is to be correctly attached to the Gasmaskenbüchse so that the Gasplanetasche flap is opened upwards (Fig 1)

The sixth bullet point accompanies the rest of the Gasplane illustrations. Fig 2 shows how to pull the Gasplane out of the carrying bag, one hand pulls the Gasplane whilst the other hand holds the bag. This reveals outward lying yellow markings (Fig 3). The Gasplane drops down and forward and pull apart the two corners as fast as possible to unfold (Fig 4) and then throw over head (Fig 5). The text goes on to explain that the user must then lie down immediately with his legs pulled up.

The seventh bullet point details that when used as an underlay for poisoned site, the Gasplane shall be placed so that the man can lie on it in the longitudinal direction.

The final bullet point, eight, describes that after use on exercises, it can be folded up and packaged in the bag if it has not been damaged. The folding must occur in the direction of the existing folds.