1943 (2)

The pouch shown is of interest because it is fastened using buttons instead of the more commonly seenpress studs button. This type of pouch is not rare and although the manufacture is known, Gebrüder Wendler G.m.b.H. Reutlingen, when these were produced is not known. All examples seen so far have not been dated. If you have an example with a date please get in touch.

The cape was made by Deutsche Linoleum-Werke A.G., Bieetigheim, Kr. Ludwigsburg who were assigned the code a g d. It was manufactured in September 1943 and is complete with an original paper band.

Gasplanes by this manufacturer are relatively common and I have seen examples dating from 1941 through to 1944. All have been black and have the same detail shown on the paper label.